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Silicone mold and plastic mold exactly what is the difference?

by:Hisson     2020-10-04
For mold, many friends can't distinguish the processing technology and the concrete material, below we guangdong vertical injection molding machine manufacturer of silicone mold and plastic mold to distinguish differences between both, together to get to know it. Silicone mold is usually through specialized silicone injection molding machine for injection molding, silicon belongs to thermosetting material, so generally is injection molding. In silicone molding silicone injection molding machine, is the strip into the rubber mold cavity, and then through the clamping, the process of heating and heat preservation can complete injection molding. Injection molding products and the machining of the silicone products, plastic mold in the process, it is melting plastic raw material with certain pressure, velocity and temperature of injected into the cavity, and then to heat, pressure, pressure, cooling molding. Both in the processed products in the process of the method is obviously not the same. In general, the silicone mold need machine demoulding by manual processing, plastic injection mold structure is more complex, but the cost of the mold shape is high. The two mold both from material and molding process, both are different, the two do you have to distinguish?
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