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Simple vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine stop the operation of the control are introduced

by:Hisson     2020-07-20
In the injection molding processing industry workers know that is there are two types of injection molding machine work stop condition. So, did you know that stop in the process of what kind of work needs to be done? The next time for injection molding machine production is very important. Now don't know, no relationship, because under the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce you to the next by injection molding machine stop the operation of the manipulation of the situation. When the production is over, or produce the goods quality problems, the injection molding machine for temporary downtime or long downtime. Downtime can do so, for the next forming quality and raw material wastage and screw and cylinder all affect the using life. Downtime is divided into two kinds: one, temporary outage: this outage occurs before the end of the forming operations or temporary stop before. Specific operation as follows: 1. Cylinder air-launched the class materials. 2. Clean with cleaning material cylinder. 3. Open the heating switch, to stop cylinder electric heating. 4. The hopper baffle to watch. On the other hand, is a temporary outage, short time operation is: don't close the cylinder electric heating, and adjust each period of heating temperature, the reduced from 100 to 150 degrees. 2, electricity outage: 1, also heating tube within the remaining material should be thoroughly cleared, specific operation for the air injection several times, and then clean with clean material cylinder. 2, will stop the screw in the front position. In manual state, the clamping operation. 3, the injection screw back to the stop position 4, close the oil pump motor, focus on the total power molding machine. 5, be in namely materials or finished production task is complete, turn off the power outage. Finally, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is pointed out that if the injection molding machine with the nozzle temperature control with temperature regulator. 1. Regulator button rotation to 0, disconnect regulator. Role is that next time when we do the injection, as short as possible to heat charging cylinder and avoid has melted resin retention within the cylinder.
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