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Skateboard injection molding machine hydraulic system operating points for attention

by:Hisson     2020-10-10
Hydraulic system is an integral part of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce its operating steps are as follows: 1. Skateboard injection molding machine before turning to check for each system, will the handwheel adjustment, confirm the handle whether been irrelevant personnel move, the position of the electric switch, trip switch is normal, host tools installation is correct and strong, and so on after checking these, the guide rail and the position of the piston rod exposed to wipe to open. 2. Exhaust to skateboard injection molding machine has exhaust system, no exhaust system work repeatedly to natural exhaust; 3. Skateboard injection molding machine fuel tank should be affixed with the seal, the vent above place to set up good prevent such as dirt, water filter, keep clean; 4. Check the oil level, ensure the skateboard has enough oil injection molding machine system; 5. Skateboard injection flow control valve the flow to growing up gradually increasing adjustment, synchronous movement components of flow control valve should be adjusted to ensure at the same time of movement; 6. Skateboard injection molding machine hydraulic oil should be check regularly, put into use for the new hydraulic equipment, use of about three months should be the tank cleaning oil change; 7. For the adjustment of the pressure control components should first will be to adjust the system pressure valve. Attention for skateboard injection molding machine hydraulic system operating injection molding machine manufacturer is introduced here, hope to be able to help you.
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