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Small vertical injection molding machine with which seven properties?

by:Hisson     2020-12-27
Precision machinery specialized in the production of vertical injection molding machine sales, the main products: 1, AC, DC plug wire machine, engineering plastics (2 ABS、LCP、PC) Machine 3, bakelite injection molding machine 4, semiconductor, IC packaging hot press 5, pen, SuPing joint machine 6, bait, glasses injection molding machine. 7, rubber, silicone injection molding machine 8, 9, PU sole machine 10, two-color injection molding machine of plastic zipper machine. Worthy of your trust. Seven small vertical injection molding machine has the following features: 1, vertical mold-shut and vertical injection, apply to insert molding. 2, small vertical injection molding machine clamping, automatic mode of low-voltage safety lock, abnormal open mould, unique safety design. 3, small vertical injection molding machine low pressure safety protection function: the unique design of the zero pressure slow mold-shut technology, to protect the personal safety, in the same industry first, if there is any foreign body block between upper and lower mould, not powerful clamping, mould opening and automatic protection. 4, small vertical injection molding machine, automatic fault display, adjust detection easier. 5, electronic control, hydraulic imported famous brand parts, quiet, precise, and durable. 6, the period of temperature control, injection pressure, firing rate, back pressure without a period of adjustment, is suitable for precision molding plastic parts. 7, small vertical injection molding machine has finished hydraulic ejection device. After years of efforts, the precision machinery in small vertical injection molding machine performance, quality, price, after-sales service have been recognized and esteemed by the injection molding industry, thus established a high reputation in the industry and brand trust. Also will continue to be committed to small vertical injection molding machine research and innovation, improve the technical ability, for the industry to provide more perfect molding solution.
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