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Special transformer for injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-01-06

According to the number of phases, it can be divided into single phase and three phases; According to the function, it can be divided into isolation and self-coupling. It is mainly used for AC power supply voltage conversion, load and power supply isolation, and is suitable for loads of various properties. This product can be used for electrical equipment that requires AC voltage conversion. The designed voltage level is below 1000V and the frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz. The temperature resistance grade is mainly B (130 ° C), F level (155 ° C), H level (180 ° C), Can be customized according to requirements. Our conventional products are Class B insulation. The voltage levels of the main products are: Input: Three-phase 480 V, 440 V, 420 V, 400 V, 380 V, 360 V; Output: three-phase 220 V, 208 V, 200 V, 190 V, 173 V, 120 V, 110 V, 100 V; Single phase 220 V, 200 V, 127 V, 120 V, 110 V, 100 V, 36 V, 24 V, etc. If you need special voltage specifications, please contact our factory to order. The front instrument of the box body, the conventional products are: power indicator light, input voltmeter, output ammeter, output voltmeter. Generally, when the capacity is 60KVA self-coupling and below or 25KVA isolation and below, the box body is designed with casters; When the capacity is greater than this, consider the load, and the bottom of the box is generally channel steel. Technical parameters: input voltage: conventional rating (Can be customized according to user requirements)Output voltage: conventional rated (Can be customized according to user requirements)Rated operating frequency: 50Hz (Can also be 60Hz)Electrical strength: 2. 5KV/60 s insulation resistance:> 100 MΩ /DC500V insulation grade: Class B, temperature rise <80 ℃ (Can also be F, H) Cold confirmation mode: self-cooling plus air-cooling connection mode: self-coupling: Y-type isolation: △/Y-type (Can also be customized according to user requirements) Conditions of Use: ambient temperature:-10 ℃ ~ 40℃, relative humidity: ≤ 95% sea dial height: no more than 1000m installation site shall be free of gas, steam, chemical deposition, dust, dirt and other corrosive media that seriously affect transformer insulation; The installation site shall be free from serious vibration and turbulence; Any other special use conditions that do not meet the above provisions shall be determined by the user unit through negotiation with our company. Instructions for ordering: When ordering, the product model, capacity, rated output voltage, rated input voltage, power input and output position, etc.  shall be stated; If there are special requirements, they must be explained in detail and can be designed and produced according to user requirements; The all-in-one transformer and voltage regulator can be customized as required.                                

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