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Specification of vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine in maintenance work

by:Hisson     2020-09-14
Whatever machinery used in a year's time, must be a great service. Then use a year of injection molding machine maintenance what the specification of the work? Next by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce for you. Repeated injection molding machine maintenance work content and monthly inspection; Check the wiring for aging hardening/cracking phenomenon, if there is damage to replace; Check the pressure oil quality, and comprehensive considering whether to need to filter/replacement; Every year within the tank on the hydraulic oil filter sieve to clean once; Check the screw/cylinder wall/points glue head is damaged; If you have questions need to repair or replacement; Check the oil valve ( The oil switch) Whether clogging, to clean up the oil valve once a year. Check whether the oil seal in the valve aging or damaged, need to be replaced; Check the hydraulic hose connector is loose or aging, and tighten or replace; Check the card stopper ( Such as travel switch, limit switch, etc. ) For wear or damage, and replacement; Check whether the hinge/edge stitching is obviously the wear or fracture, and to replace; Check whether the green column is wear or fracture, and repair or replacement. Check whether the oil pipe aging or damage, and to replace; Check the electric box a cooling fan for wear and damage, and repair or replacement. Check whether the nozzle head injury, need to be repaired or replaced; Hydraulic motor components and examine whether the gear worn or damaged, and repair or replacement. Each year to a cooler cleaning descaling, if discover rust and corrosion problem, need to repair or replacement; Check whether the machine plate screw holes is slippery tooth or damaged, need to tapping or fillings; Check whether the machine plate is obvious deformation, such as deformation serious should be smooth; Check whether the door is damaged or glass cracking, need to repair or replacement. Finishing each injection molding machine inspection/repair/maintenance records, and document, update relevant data injection molding machine.
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