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Stability of injection molding machine fixed, how to install

by:Hisson     2020-04-08
Injection molding machine gear meshing transmission conditions and working characteristics: 1, transmission conditions of a pair of gears meshing transmission work must meet the following conditions. (1) this is the same for gears modulus. (2) for the gear tooth profile Angle ( Pressure Angle) The same. (3) if be helical gear, the tooth bevel should be equal, one is left-handed, the other is right-handed. (4) to ensure that the meshing center distance of gear A value, namely A = 1/2 m ( Z1+Z2) 。 2, the working characteristics of the gear meshing transmission characteristics are as follows. (1) gear transmission is passed by a pair of gears meshing transmission torque force. (2) when the gear drive transmission is higher than the fixed. (3) high gear transmission efficiency, long service life. (4) transfer power and speed range. (5) gear transmission mechanism is compact. 6 work gear drive deficiency is large noise, must not be used in long distance transmission, and gear manufacturing cost is higher. Injection molding machine installation fixed knowledge: 1, the fixed installation of small and medium-sized injection molding machine, generally do not have to anchor bolt is fixed. If you pay attention to choose the right equipment foundation can withstand the weight of injection molding machine, in addition to the vibration. Production should guarantee the equipment will not sink, not skewed, or to lateral tilt phenomenon appear, also not allowed to produce resonance phenomenon. Have a flat concrete ground, can use suspension installation. 2, after the equipment has a good, adjust the equipment location each other, good pad plate, using a spirit level calibration level ( This seat slideway and clamping parts injection rod as the benchmark school level) 。 The ground plane should be higher than that of workshop equipment base 3 ~ 5 cm. 3, for some special requirement or relatively large injection molding machine, general good cement concrete foundation shall, in accordance with requirements of the specification. Water, electricity and tracheal road, according to the instruction of foundation drawing requirements, decorate good import and export after pouring concrete pipe, buried basis. 4, equipment installation. After the school level, fastening, hit the water, electricity and trachea and install equipment use the accessory parts.
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