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Talk about what you know of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-07-07
Vertical injection molding machine with your understanding of vertical injection molding machine. Plastic in our lives are composed of injection molding machine injection molding, and the vertical injection molding machine is mainly composed of plasticizing device and power transmission device. Vertical injection molding machine is divided into many categories, respectively upright AC/DC C injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, single board type injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, double slide type disc type injection molding machine, rotary injection molding machine and vertical injection molding machine. Specific operation process is as follows: 1. 1. 1, check the machine parts and electric control box are in good condition. 1. 2, check the oil level of hydraulic oil, oil storage is enough, start the motor observation axial plunger valve oil is normal. 1. 3, open the water valve on cooling water. 2, 2 operation. 1, pretend: push move mould mechanism to the highest level, the plastic mold in a mobile template, unscrew the fixed template, correction and plastic mould on the mould and fixed template. Tighten screw, tighten under the plastic mold die on mobile template, run move mould, check the mold position is correct. 2. 2, cylinder heating: on of the electric switch electrical control box, add plastic inside the cylinder, sufficient heat melt plastics. 2. 3, injection operation: through the electromagnetic valve of 8 make move mould institutions rise and plastic mold closing, through to the electromagnetic valve 6 to injection molding press plunger into the cylinder. After the injection through the electromagnetic valve 6 injection plunger withdrew from the cylinder pressure, through the electromagnetic valve of 8 institutions declines, the moving mould, plastic mould can be open mold release. 3 3, maintenance and administration. 1, check the storage condition of the hydraulic oil is enough, when should be added in time, often should clean oil. 3. 2, lubrication points in accordance with the provisions, regular lubrication, cleaning oil filter on a regular basis. Keep the machine around clean, must not make dirt into the tank. 3. After 3, the use of the machine should be on the dirt rub-up, smooth surfaces should be greased. 3. Part 4, regular check appliances to remove dirt, oil, dust, keep the electrical contact clean, often clear the dirt and dust on the joint. Advocate be honest, sincere, sincerity. Its service tenet is to respect people, understand people, care about people, injection molding machine, the good faith management silicone machine, rubber machine and other products.
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