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Tell you the injection molding machine wear and damage reasons of rolling bearing

by:Hisson     2020-04-10
Injection molding machine roller bearing wear and damage reasons: 1, normal wear of rolling bearings rolling bearing in the stable under normal conditions of wear and tear, because the manufacture bearing with alloy steel in the extrusion and under the condition of high speed rolling, the metal surface to produce small fatigue crack, the crack under the extrusion effect for a long time, again a little bit, until it falls off a small piece of metal, forming a small pit, with the increase of working time, the number of hemp pit also gradually increased, the smooth surface of the bearing damage, the rotation of the bearing noise increases, until in the end will not work. 2, rolling bearing rolling bearings after installation is not installed correctly, because there is no set aside axial travelmotion of rolling bearing, or is not concentric, after installation of rolling bearing and the shaft caused by seizing thus speed up the rolling bearing of rolling bearing wear. 3, rolling bearing and the bad lubrication condition at work because the highway rotating bearing lubricating oil supply, or a definitive no lubricating oil supply, causing rolling bearing various parts in dry friction and thus shortens the working life of rolling bearings. 4, rolling bearing lubricants is not clean, mixed with metal powder and the impurity in the rolling bearing the parts building, then aggravate the wear and tear of the rolling bearing. 5, rolling bearing damage of rolling bearing damage during injection molding machine, important because raw material within a barrel because of low temperature by west and plasticizing didn't very well; A again because of raw materials mixed with hard metal, etc. Into the barrel. These two conditions can rotate the very big resistance produced by the rotation of the screw, the screw force moves the raw material to produce department after big axial force make the screw thrust bearing force beyond the thrust bearing load capacity and limit damage. Another cause of damage is: bearing assembly method is not correct, bearing assembly with a heavy hammer percussion bearing coat; Or pressure assembly, use bearing coat of bearing and shaft and bearing is not concentric force press fit, which are likely to cause a rolling bearing sleeve fracture.
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