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The advantage of injection molding machine of the disc injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-11
Directly in the machinery industry vertical rotary injection molding machine and can be called the disc injection molding machine, transfer injection molding machine, its function in vertical injection molding machine more than twice, by more than one mode to improve production efficiency, A set of upper die, three sets of mould, can do more) Vertical clamping, vertical shoot glue, convenient to put product; In efficient disk gear transmission by plane self-lubricating wear-resistant bearing, the central synchronous water device for the cooling water ( Pipe can be synchronous rotate 360 degrees or 180 degrees and reversing device, water supply complete cooling mould scheme) Rotation rapid positioning precision, USES the positioning cylinder positioning, high positioning accuracy, safety performance is high, at the end of the positioning doesn't die, protect the normal use of mould. Then by the injection molding machine manufacturer about what the disc injection molding machine is the advantage for you. The machine is suitable for production of auto parts, energy-saving lamps. Golf, glasses bazoo holds, LED holder metal body and hand 鑇 objects such as plastic molding operation, can be fully automated workflow operation, high efficiency and low cost. The machine chrome plated surface rust, beautiful, durable, dynamics, can choose hydraulic motor and servo motor, can also according to the request of customer products and equipped with a higher configuration. The advantage of wheel vertical injection molding machine: 1. Used a multimode, enhanced the production efficiency, saving production time; 2. Small investment, high return, a machine can be the best efficiency of the machine product; 3. Can realize automation, reduce labor cost, higher efficiency; 4. The machine service life is long, is a customer of fixed assets.
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