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The advantages of high-speed injection molding machine and benefits

by:Hisson     2020-07-03
In injection molding machine is divided into high speed injection molding machine with ordinary injection molding machine. Generally speaking, the ordinary injection molding machine hydraulic injection molding machine, relatively speaking, its running speed is slow, and high-speed injection molding machine with ordinary injection molding machine is, it is a kind of motor. And its advantages and benefits can be summarized in three words and high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving. Next by precision to tell you what, the advantages of high-speed injection molding machine have what good? The first is efficient. High-speed injection molding machine, unlike ordinary molding process of injection molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine adopts the principle of a new triaxial linkage, greatly save the time. For the second point, environmental protection, it is the most important. Nowadays, China's industrial development is more and more towards the direction of environmental protection enterprises, while the high-speed injection molding machine is a kind of relatively green plastic injection machine. It won't affect the power network, so to prevent the pollution of ionizing radiation. In addition, also greatly improve the noise of the machine operation and equipment production, and to prevent the noise pollution. Finally, energy saving is also very important. Ordinary injection molding machine with hydraulic system is one of the traditional hydraulic system. The high-speed injection molding machine is improved hydraulic system, compared to normal injection molding machine, can achieve very high energy saving rate, save the resources for the country. High speed compared with the traditional injection molding machine injection molding of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection of the three major advantages, it also greatly expanded the field of high-speed injection molding machine, provides a better choice for people to choose injection molding machine.
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