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The analysis of the causes of uneven vertical injection molding machine appear shaded

by:Hisson     2020-08-23
Vertical injection molding machine use growing, its characteristics of high automation degree, strong adaptability deeply user affirmation, but some vertical injection molding machine units appear uneven color, when what causes these problems? And how should solve? The vertical injection molding machine manufacturers machinery with us to get to know. Uneven vertical injection molding machine in staining the cause and the solution is as follows: 1. Of crystalline plastics, as far as possible let the cooling rate of each part is consistent parts, parts for wall thickness difference is big, can be masking off color with colorants, for wall thickness is uniform to fixed parts and mold temperature. 2. Corrugated, plastic surface with spiral or cloud-like waveform characterization of uneven phenomenon, or transparent products there is a wavy lines, called ripple. 3. Silver silking: long, needle on the surface of the plastic silver like cream of fine lines, opening direction along the material flow direction, where not completely filled with plastic, fluid front is coarser, called silver silking ( Silver lines) 。 4. Color: plastic color and this single standard color sample there are differences between the watch with the naked eye, convicted of off color, under the standard light source, D65) 。 5. Plastic or coloring hot stability, stable tonal parts, must be strictly fixed production conditions, especially the feed temperature, feed rate and production cycle. 6. Overflow edge ( Flash, (front) : along the parting line around the injection molded parts or mould seal face appeared thin ( Flash) Rubber, known as the edge. 7. The shape of the parts and the gate form, the position of plastic filling, make parts of some local produce off color, when it is necessary to modify.
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