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The application of the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine screw wear-resisting

by:Hisson     2020-09-09
Modern injection molding manufacturers more and more mineral additive is added in the injection molding compounds and glass fiber to improve materials properties. Wear resistance of the mixture of plasticizing components had significant requirements. A new type of screw system can greatly improve the wear resistance. Next by vertical injection molding machine factory to explain the application of injection molding machine screw wear-resisting. General use of plasticizing components to processing standard plastic, mainly USES the nitriding or boronizing surface hardening. When need to increase the higher content of filler, use the higher content of alloy tool steel, vacuum hardening can provide longer service life. Under this background, the Engel Austria GmbH in 2000 launched & other; Marathon( Marathon) ” Screw system, although its more sensitive to mechanical impact, but can provide excellent wear resistance of hard metal. Center on the selected injection molding machine injection molding machine manufacturers of materials for two years of project development and extensive experiments, developed a trade name & other; Engel Onyx” The hard metal coating, and has put forward to its application for a patent. This new system can be according to the need to improve the coating toughness and adhesion, and these features can be improve by 300%. At the same time, in the experiment, also can be in very high level of the powder metallurgy steel in the solution of improve the wear resistance of the products. Since April 2009, the supply of Onyx screw diameter range from 25 to 70 millimeters. Potential cracking tendency in the high filler content of high performance plastic machining, using hard metal coating plasticizing longer service life of the screw. At the same time, hard metal coating can also provide the required wear-resisting performance; Steel can support under mechanical load. In addition, its toughness is high, the impact of tolerance is very high. Different from the familiar hard thread surface, this new type of screw of the whole transmission way, Including thread) Is the thickness of only a few millimeters ten points of hard metal coating protection although seemingly clear and simple in theory, but the actual operation proves that technology is very difficult, because the steel core and hard metal coating with different materials properties. Unlike steel, hard metal toughness is low, cannot completely meet the requirements of the elastic deformation of steel, so it might crack. Another characteristic of hard metal is on the steel components of adhesion is poor, there is a risk of coating. Local strain or mechanical damage produced by the crack causes the flaking off. Engel materials technology development aims to improve the adhesion of hard metal/steel, as well as the hard metal wear resistance performance in practical application. Finally, pointed out that when the matrix hardness of vertical injection molding machine factory match the carbon content and its type, can produce the highest hardness and carbon content low coating defects, the wear resistance of hard metal best ( Figure 3) 。 Defects in the coating, such as pores, cracks and nonmetallic material ( Such as the oxide or residue) Is worn vulnerabilities, such as wear and tear comes. Therefore, to ensure long service life, is the manufacturing process must be minimized and try to avoid these defects. Develop new abrasion for plasticizing screw system can meet the requirement.
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