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The basic component of the modern double color injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-09-06
Along with the development of machinery industry quickly, the modern double color injection molding machine generally by the injection device and clamping device, hydraulic drive and electric control system components. Then by vertical injection molding machine factory for you in detail. 1, the injection device, including cylinder, heating circle, injection oil cylinder, mobile oil cylinder, plastic oil motor and screw, etc, its main function is to make plastic plasticizing evenly, and with enough pressure and velocity to a certain dose of molten material within the cavity injected into the lock. Request plasticizing injection device performance is good, measuring precision, and can provide accurate injection pressure and injection speed. 2, clamping device, mainly by the dynamic template, die pull, pull rod, the clamping mechanism ( Including the clamping cylinder) Products ejection device and peace and other components of the door, the working parts of injection molding products. Due to the high speed injection liquid in the cavity has a certain pressure, only in the clamping device for mould clamping force, enough talent to prevent mould is opened due to any pressure of melting, cause products present flash, defects such as precision decline, therefore, request, clamping device must be closed to ensure reliable mould, and implement the mould open-close products out etc. 3, hydraulic drive and electric control system, hydraulic drive and electric control system, and coordinate with each other to complete the host scheduled action, among them, the hydraulic drive system including pumps, control valves and accessory device, electrical control system including power supply, microcomputer controller, heating and detecting element, actuators, etc.
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