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The basic conditions of vertical injection molding machine injection molding

by:Hisson     2020-07-31
Do you know what are the basic conditions for vertical plastic injection machine? To share with you a simple injection molding machine manufacturer is as follows: 1. Vertical moulding injection authority: in principle, should be greater than total pressure within the plastic injection mould, with no burrs as the benchmark; 2. Vertical injection molding machine pressure and velocity is part of the same effect in the mould, to make the raw material into the mold can be evenly and completely. Right amount of each corner, too low will be short shot, shrink, too high a feather, too full, sticky mold, burning, vulnerable mould and internal stress higher adverse phenomenon. 3. Speed: vertical injection molding machine speed fast decision raw material in the mold and finished product of the situation in the sprue. Fast have burrs. Short shot too full, burning slowly appear, shrink, combined with bad break easily, and so on. 4. Temperature: the raw material is different, different temperature, uneven color, low solution product internal stress increased. Because of the low temperature pressure too high, can cause a vertical injection molding machine screw fracture. Too high, the products have burrs. And because of cooling temperature, cause shrinkage. Raw materials will decompose, yellowing, color change, easy to fracture. Longer cooling time and not easy to drain gas, methane gas. 5. Back pressure, screw rotation when feeding back in the resistance is called the back pressure. Its role to make raw material in the conveying compressed more closely. Can make the raw material of air, water out of the screw back. Let sol without influence on the surface of the finished product gas composition, low will have bubbles, surface crazing. High will overheat, agglomerate, glue. Cycle is long, the screw is not retreated; At the same time loose refund application is very important. Low back, some raw materials to retreat, some are not in accordance with the tone of the raw materials of all sorts of different nature than back pressure. Vertical injection molding machine high back pressure is important to use loose back and pay attention to distance or involvement in air and not glue as guidelines. 6. Vertical injection molding tools and temperature and the length of the cooling time, affecting the sticky mold, product shrinkage. Size tolerance, surface brightness, cycle, etc. , the event should be in accordance with the actual situation and timely adjust. The other acrylic, PC, such as when finished meat thick for mould temperature, won't produce bubbles and stress. The basic condition of vertical injection molding machine do you have to understand the contents of the above?
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