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The basic parameters of vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-07-25
Vertical injection molding machine specifications including screw diameter, screw length to diameter ratio, screw, screw speed, maximum injection volume, injection pressure, plasticizing capacity, clamping force, stroke of bar spacing, mobile template and allow the mould hydraulic output, the maximum and minimum thickness, hydraulic ejector stroke, cylinder heating power, the oil pump motor power, machine size and weight, nominal and actual amount injection, extrusion force, maximum injection speed, screw torque and hydraulic system pressure and fuel tank volume, etc. The following will discuss several important technical parameters. 1. Injection volume shows that under the condition of the air injection, injection screw on a trip, maximum injection injection device can achieve the maximum outlet, reflects the injection function 2. Injection pressure is composed of oil cylinder by the screw on the plastic injection pressure, used to overcome the liquid flow through the nozzle, flow and cavity flow resistance. This parameter is very important, the precision of product size and weight, and products have affected stress. Can processing plastic performance, molding products based on geometric shape and precision requirements, the plasticizing way, mould and mould temperature, etc. To choose. 3. Injection speed through the nozzle after the molten material is bound to cooling, in order to obtain uniform density and high precision products, in a short period of time is required for the liquid filled cavity. Therefore, we need to use a certain injection mould filling speed. Usually, liquid injection at low speed, the fill time long, products prone to cold joint, defects such as uneven density and large residual stress; Although high speed injection can reduce molten material within the cavity temperature difference, improve the effect of pressure transmission, get small precision products, uniform density, stress and shorten the molding cycle, however, too high injection speed makes the place such as molten material flows through the gate, easy to form irregular flow, suction and exhaust gas and so on, directly affect the surface quality of products, at the same time, the higher request of SPC. 4. Plasticizing capacity that can screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel in lh plasticizing of melting rate of 5. Clamping force in melting flowing through the cylinder after the pouring system, spray nozzle, mould, injection pressure loss gradually, at last the rest of the cavity pressure. In actual injection, therefore, in order to avoid the mould has been the formation of cavity pressure expansion open mold force, must be large enough to mold clamping force, The clamping force) 。 Clamping force is an important parameter to ensure the quality of products, directly affect the size and weight of the injection molding machine, and to a certain extent, reflect the injection products processing ability. Therefore, the clamping force is often used as the main parameters of injection molding machine specifications size.
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