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The basic process of vertical injection molding machine loading and unloading modulus

by:Hisson     2020-07-15
Vertical injection molding machine with mould you need to first opened the door of vertical injection molding machine and the mold with a crane to lift, visual mold is higher than the height of the injection molding machine, slowly put the mold in injection molding machine two templates in the middle, down slowly. Visual mold gate and then set center in line with injection molding machine positioning hole, then mobile crane make mold positioning ring and machine tool positioning hole, with the hand push mold with the machine close to stick together, operation of machine tool and die buttons, slowly until the injection molding machine template pressure mold, then confirmed pressure lock mould. Third in machine tool clamp screw fixed mold, drive slowly die, drive travel fast moving to confirm again, slowly and mould, confirm there is no abnormal noise and die try die mold. Vertical injection molding machine discharging mode first confirm there is no abnormal mold can normal open mold and die, and then the pressure mold, with rings the fixed mold, the capture of driving mold, tightening force, loosen the clamp screw, injection molding machine templates, slowly moving confirm mould won't drop, opens in the rapid injection molding machine templates, with injection molding machine nozzle strength top a little bit about the mould gate set, make its separated from injection molding machine, and then moving traffic make mold in injection molding machine template center, slowly lift, above the height of the machine tool will die in a safe zone, discharging mode!
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