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The benefits of ShuangBi halogen free vertical injection molding machine!

by:Hisson     2021-01-04
ShuangBi halogen free benefits of vertical injection molding machine ShuangBi halogen free vertical injection molding machine is a kind of meet the national environmental protection policy of a very good machine, now many of the country's environmental protection consciousness is very clear, including many countries began to disable halide stuff, which definitely require the halogen (average Cl,Br) The content of less than 900 PPM, respectively/total less than 1500 PPM. Often used in electronic components and materials, product shell, some things, such as plastic inside as a flame retardant. The flame retardants is unable to recycle use, has strong toxicity, the immune system, endocrine system, reproduction and development has a great influence, and carcinogenesis and other toxic effects ( Such as mental and psychological disorders, etc. ) , most of the halogen compounds for the environmental hormone substances and in the process of combustion and heat release harmful substances, the threat to human health, environment, and the next generation of children. And polymer containing halogen halogen gases emitted by burning when combined with water vapor, generates the corrosive harmful gases hydrogen halide, can cause corrosion on equipment and building, etc. ShuangBi halogen free vertical injection molding machine is good to avoid this, it is a kind of environmentally friendly plastic injection molding machine dedicated, is non-toxic, no harmful substances. , 16 years focused on vertical injection molding machine, specializing in the production of halogen free vertical injection molding machine.
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