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The cause of vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil pollution

by:Hisson     2020-07-30
The cause of vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil pollution of vertical injection molding machine hydraulic oil pollution, because the reason caused? Now mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and everybody together with us to look at! 1, vertical injection molding machine for pipe, hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, and so on, some things are not good seal degree. Oil mixed with air, resulting in the situation of the pollution, it is mainly shown in bubbles on the tank. 2, when oil mixed with water, will make the oil of ivory. That is probably because of bad leaking into the oil cooler or humid environment. We should observe the attention to the environment, cooler, etc. Try to avoid this situation. 3, the usual injection molding production when scraps, welding slag, rust and metal powder, is also a cause of the oil pollution. Sometimes not careful because there was a problem in which link, can make oil mixed with solid impurities. 4, oil of colloid material. Mostly be oil seal erosion or oil metamorphism, makes the oil produced in colloidal substances, the colloid matter often make holes blocked, such as oil impassability reason of the culprit. Our machinery, 16 years focus on vertical injection molding machine, professional provide: connector special injection molding machine, silicone injection molding machine, spark plug injection molding machine, injection molding machine for halogen free, a zipper in the injection molding machine, two-color disc injection molding machine, mobile phone box injection molding machine, etc. Have a need or want to advisory details. You can contact us machinery oh ~ hotline:
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