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The causes of failure crawl skateboard injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-10
The skateboard creep failure reasons of vertical injection molding machine injection molding failure reason is various, let's use an example. For example our skateboard injection molding machine produce the creep failure is what reason? Machine appeared how simple to solve this problem, the following mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturer with us to look at! The first is, and the bad lubrication condition machine appeared & other; Pause & ndash; Taxi & ndash; Pause & throughout; Condition, this leads to a skateboard injection molding machine appeared crawling malfunction. We will go to the machine lubrication volume increase. Second, when skateboarding in the plastic injection machine hydraulic system in the air, after exhaust gas, injection molding machine creep failure will be corresponding lifted. Third, when there is a rigid, mechanical deformation of the machine parts wear, causing friction change and produce crawling. Shall we go to the corresponding parts replacement. Won't appear crawling malfunction.
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