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The characteristics and functions of vertical injection molding machine sequence controller of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-11-24
Sequence controller is the core of electric control system of vertical injection molding machine. Vertical injection molding machine is mainly by hydraulic system and controller, the machine of the actuator ( Motor, valve, etc. ) In a certain order to complete the process. Sequence controller has a power controller, programmable controller ( PLC) And the single chip microcomputer controller. Then by the injection molding machine manufacturer to introduce you to the characteristics of vertical injection molding machine sequence controller and function of knowledge. In the vertical injection molding machine in the order of the conversion between each process and often subject to actuator position and time. Position control with limit switch, proximity switch, or displacement sensors to detect control. In relay control, the limit switch is as a contact point to control the corresponding relay action; In microcomputer controller, limit switch, proximity switch as input switch points, and the displacement sensor is used as the simulation. Time control performed by the timer, in relay control, using more time relay, to the time after contact action to drive relay action; In the microcomputer control is to use the internal timer to complete. Finally, the injection molding machine manufacturer from the perspective of the development of vertical injection molding machine sequence controller, a growing number of vertical injection molding machine controller adopts the programmable controller ( PLC) And microcomputer system, and use the displacement sensors, pressure sensors for feedback control instead of limit switch, proximity switch, etc.
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