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The characteristics of injection molding machine of vertical injection molding machine insert molding technology

by:Hisson     2020-11-28
Vertical injection molding machine - Insert molding ( insertmolding) Refers to into the vision of the prepared material in the mould insert after injection of resin, molten material with insert joint curing, made into integration product molding method. Then by the injection molding machine factory for you to explain in detail the characteristics of vertical injection molding machine insert molding technology under the relevant knowledge. Base on injection molding ( —— sertmolding) Refers to the metal plate on the local injection von berg systeme embedding method. The above two kinds of forming method is essentially the same. Its characteristics are as follows: 1, resin easy formability, with metal bending rigidity, degrees, and heat resistance of combination complement each other can be made into strong integration of complex and delicate metal plastic products. 2, special is the use of the insulation resin with the combination of the way of the metal electrical, made of FRP products can satisfy the basic function of electrical products. More than 3, insert molding combination of advance, make product unit combination after the project is more reasonable. 4, insert products are not limited to metal, cloth, paper, wires, plastic, glass, wood, wire sha-lu class, electric parts, etc. 5, for rigid, moulded rubber seal on the plate bending elasticity, moulded by substrate after injection molding production integration products, arrange seal sha-lu complex operation can save, after making process automation combination more easily. 6, because is molten material with metal insert joint, with pressure into the molding in comparison, the metal insert clearance can design more narrow, higher reliability of composite products molding. 7, select the appropriate resin with forming conditions, is damaged products for easy - shape ( Such as glass, coil, electrical parts, etc. ) Through the resin can also be sealed fixed. 8, select the appropriate die structure, insert product can be completely sealed in resin. 9, insert molding, after a cored hole processing, can also be made into 帯 have hollow grooves of products. 10, vertical injection molding machine with manipulator, insert the whole column device such as a combination of, insert molding engineering can complete automatic production mostly.
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