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The characteristics of vertical injection molding machine of the vertical vortex pump injection molding machine and function

by:Hisson     2020-09-02
By vertical injection molding machine factory in here today to share about the characteristics of vertical vortex pump injection molding machine and related knowledge. Vertical injection molding machine dedicated vortex pump and fan with large diameter of main performance parameters, the main performance parameters such as flow rate, air pressure, the parameter data will be available in the plate, it is worth noting that the technical index of the fan refers to the performance in the standard condition. Vertical injection molding machine of the vortex pump is under a state of suction performance indicators, mainly is the size of the pressure and vacuum degree, and traffic in the operation are the main performance parameters. Worth of vortex pump is a pump and delivery of dual-use air supply device. Finally, pointed out that when the suction vertical injection molding machine factory will appear because the vacuum degree is not high and the low vacuum, and at the time of delivery of the exhaust pressure is not so high, so we will vortex pump is called into low pressure vacuum booster device of vertical injection molding machine.
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