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The classification of vertical injection molding machine clamping mechanism

by:Hisson     2020-08-18
Vertical injection molding machine hydraulic type clamping mechanism can be divided into straight moving type, liquid type and the two plate. 1. Straight acting process of mold clamping mechanism and locking is done directly by the mould clamping hydraulic cylinder. This is a very simple clamping mechanism. Clamping mechanism of the opening and closing action by hydraulic oil effect directly on the piston, clamping action is directly performed by hydraulic booster. The clamping mechanism is not in conformity with the low pressure quickly move mould and the requirement of low speed low voltage clamping, and the unit energy consumption, low accuracy. Straight moving type clamping mechanism is mainly used in small machine, but the vertical injection molding machine has rarely used this type of clamping mechanism. 2. Although full liquid type hydraulic injection molding machine hydraulic oil compressibility of problems, but the hydraulic pressure when in the stillness of the equal everywhere, so the template and die stress were fairly evenly, and has high precision, combining a model does not need to die, do not need lubrication, wear less, opening and closing the travel distance is long, etc. 3. Two plate with the development of science and technology, especially the electrical and electronic, aerospace, the rapid development of computer industry and so on, makes the demand of precision plastic parts is becoming more and more high. These led to the rapid development of precision injection molding technology. Full hydraulic injection molding machine has been represented on the precision injection molding machine, has made full play to the advantages of it, especially the mold closing force short wire, rod stress equilibrium and many other advantages in accordance with the needs of the development of The Times prompted two plate mold clamping vertical injection molding machine has been rapid development.
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