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The classification of vertical injection molding machine is what?

by:Hisson     2020-08-04
The classification of vertical injection molding machine is what? Mechanical brought you today a little experience, to elaborate the classification of vertical injection molding machine, and how it is classified, the different characteristics of the different classification is what? Let's explain vertical injection molding machine can be divided into the following categories in detail 1, vertical injection molding machine series, the series of injection molding machine type cables, mainly for a variety of electronic, computer cable and power plug line, such as injection molding, injection molding product precision dimension requirement is not high, the machine configuration scheduling precision requirements also change accordingly, usually in PVC, PE plastic injection molding, such as properly on a practical model in detail specification of the product, usually clamping force ranging from 15 t to 35 t. Specific molar volume, then there is for each manufacturer specification is different, different configuration, etc. , before buying must manufacturers to provide a basic parameters of the model specification, allows you to better understand. 2 C injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine, series: the vertical injection molding clamping, horizontal beam glue because there was no guide pin, due to the clamping part into a letter & other; C” Words, the name. The machine layout is large, complex structure, with super glue, because there is no guide pillar, so the operation area wide, is mainly suitable for all kinds of safety power plug injection molding, such as France, American plug, plug the plug, etc. 3, vertical single board type injection molding machine, double slide type series injection molding machine: this machine mainly for engineering plastic, precision requirements of the products are harsh, precision or have small insert molding together, it is also one of insert the optimization of injection molding solution. Because it has the upper die and firm, lower die sliding out. On the double slide type has a mode under the dual mode, two alternating mold, suitable for precision hardware embedded, remove. It usually molding products are electronic connector, mobile phone connector, IC components such as accessories. 4, vertical injection molding machine, rotary disk series: vertical injection molding machine disk rotating series injection molding machine is precision embedded injection molding optimization scheme, because the machine is much lower die alternate disk operation, can be automated set, pick-up, reduce labor cost, stable production efficiency, stable quality and stable production. Our precision injection molding machine manufacturers to bring the hope to be able to get a solution everybody's needs, I believe you see our interpretation of each series injection molding machine after all have roughly understanding, according to their own needs to choose the most suitable. More details can be query search website.
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