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The connector need special injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-07-05
Connectors are widely used in our ordinary life. Said connector may you don't understand, in fact, the connector is what you often say, plug from the socket. Connector to connect two of the active components, passed by metal and plastic special connector plug injection molding machine injection molding and injection molding machine or wire. Connector is indispensable components in electronic equipment, follow the current circulation channel observation, we find one or more connector. Connector form and structure is protean, along with the application object, frequency, power, such as different application environment, there are different forms of connector. The connector is through special plug injection molding machine injection molding and injection molding machine or wire. Connector injection is not simple, not simple injection molding material directly through abrasive molding complete, also need to consider is not only the middle need outer wrapped in plastic injection molding, also need to put each line at among them, the special molding process also need special for injection molding machine to complete, the connector is special injection molding machine or the spark plug injection molding machine is special for the connector for plastic injection molding machine.
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