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The content of the injection molding machine injection molding machine maintenance work

by:Hisson     2020-12-02
Injection molding machine in the machinery industry is also called the injection molding machine or injection machine, injection molding machine injection molding machine factory company you can be divided into vertical, horizontal, and the whole battery. So how do we for injection molding machine maintenance need to do what? Then we will explain for you. 1. Preventive maintenance: injection machine is a hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and other technical equipment, with the maturity of the technology and development, is the combination of more closely, so the injection machine preventive maintenance work is according to the hydraulic, electrical and mechanical three parties to points above. 2. The production efficiency, reduce downtime and keep normal running speed can improve the efficiency of production; 3. The machine precision; Timely replacement has been aging or worn or damaged parts can keep the precision of the machine; 4. Life: parts replaced periodically quick-wear part, proper adjustment and lubrication and appropriate environmental conditions ( Temperature, humidity, dust attached) Can prolong the life of parts.
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