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The content of the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine safety protection

by:Hisson     2020-09-15
The content of the injection molding machine safety protection mainly includes personal, equipment, appliances and mould safety protection. Next by vertical injection molding machine factory for you about the information about the content of the injection molding machine safety protection. 1. Purpose of protection from operators in mold installation, remove products and crushed in the process of operation such as insert is placed; Heating barrel burns; In the air when we do the injection was melted material burns, etc. 2. Protection device ( 1) Safety door. (1). Under normal circumstances, injection molding machine door open after the injection molding machine clamping system cannot undertake the clamping movement, when the door opened injection molding machine oil pump will stop running. Can only be carried out only after the door closes completely, clamping action, as shown in figure 2 As shown in 69. (2) structure. As shown in figure 2 - Shown in 70 for the electro-hydraulic double protection safety door. In addition to electrical protection, increase in the clamping of the reversing loop a two two-way CAM directional control valve. When the door open CAM under pressure, control oil and oil on back, clamping with electro-hydraulic directional control valve is still in the middle of the stop position. So even if the electrical protection malfunction, if the door is not closed, clamping mechanism can't realize the clamping action. ( 2) Shield. Curve elbow moving parts in the mould clamping system and the barrel heating part is equipped with protective cover, prevent clamping mechanism motion squeeze caused to human body, Pressure) Jane's injury and heating machine burns. The above content is provided by vertical injection molding machine factory, hope to be of help.
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