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The correct vertical injection molding machine operation steps

by:Hisson     2020-12-17
For operation steps of vertical injection molding machine, vertical injection molding machine manufacturer has the following interpretation: preparation before starting the check whether the lubrication part sufficient lubrication; Check the oil pump whether there are abnormal noise; Careful fastening mould installation, pay attention to the lower die to ensure safety; Adjust the pressure of paragraphs; Set the paragraphs temperature manual operation and adjustment by manual operation to each switch position, and ensure the safety performance of mould. The electric control panel & other; Throughout the manual &; Button is set to ON ( Open) , when this machine manual, electric operation panel on the action button only in button ( ) When to have action, let go when the action. Adjustable die: first of all high voltage close switch locking mold-shut gear block to low, then the mould installed between the upper and lower mold center, and then press the control on the operation panel & other; Adjustable die & throughout; ( Take out) Button, at this time on template begins with a low pressure slow mold-shut, after the mould clamping close together, then mold-shut closed high-pressure nearly pulled off block is adjustable and can be high pressure position, at this time according to the manual & other; Mold-shut & throughout; The button, turn off the table up high. Mold-shut: semi-automatic, two hands holding the work station & other Automatic start & throughout; At the beginning of the button, the machine mold-shut and for rapid mold-shut and when mold-shut to shimonoseki mode into the switch block contact, slowly ambled mold-shut and finished mold-shut. Touch mold-shut high-pressure nearly switch stop production when high voltage clamping. Into: fixing the mould on the mould, using the control material mouth into the use of the oil cylinder stand. Back: the mould on the mould, use is the use of material control mouth cylinder seat back injection: according to the product materials, shape, size, adjusted the jet pressure, pressure injection time and location, press & other; Injection & throughout; Button to shoot glue is made. ( Note: the temperature reached set value can shoot jiaodong) 。 Screw feeding: press & other; Charging & throughout; Button, the screw rotation was stirring mixing rubber compression screw rise by ( Rising speed is determined by the back pressure regulator to adjust) , when charging nearly hit screw up action switch block, action to stop feeding, feeding schedule according to the size of the amount of shoot rubber products needed. Loose out: 1) When using manual press & other; Loose back & throughout; After button, screw up, can be shot back action. 2) When using half boot, loose action mainly to automatic feeding, after the completion of a distance (the screw up This distance is decided by loose time to back) , the purpose of this action is to prevent the rubber caused by compression and hot shrinkage of feeding, expansion, and overflow in material TongKou ( The funnel) Die runner, blocking, cannot be again into the rubber mold inlet. Out: press & other; The top & throughout; Button, the product is out, semi-automatic before and after the adjustable ejector to extend the time to decide when the ejection height. Top back: press & other; Top throughout the &; Button, the thimble automatically return to its original position, automatically adjustable cap back in time, to determine the plunger stop time. Thimble number: semi-automatic thimble can be set up to determine the top number. Shutdown: turn off the switch on the control panel, shut the total power supply, clean up debris on machine.
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