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The dangers of sharing injection molding machine injection molding machine to produce the temperature too high

by:Hisson     2020-11-20
In the process of use of injection molding machine, injection molding machine manufacturer's instructions is to prevent the temperature of the injection molding machine is too high, because of injection molding machine can produce more heat. We give you the following injection molding machine high temperature what harm caused by. 1, injection molding machine high temperature can reduce oil viscosity will produce and tends to leak phenomenon. Because oil viscosity decreased, the effect of lubrication variation, the frictional resistance will increase, will cause friction. 2, the injection molding machine high temperature will make rubber seal will produce deformation of the consequences. After deformation, will accelerate ageing, can reduce the service life of the characteristics of sealing and use, causing leakage of medium. 3, the injection molding machine high temperature can accelerate bad phenomenon that generates the oil oxidation. The deposition can lead to blocking pores and valves, lead to valve is stuck, can't normal work. Said finally, injection molding machine high temperature will lead to mechanical heat deformation, it can the smaller gap between the moving parts of jammed symptoms, this would lead to the quality of work will become very poor.
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