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The development of silicone injection molding machine technology

by:Hisson     2020-10-03
Vertical injection molding machine manufacturer of high quality silica gel products, also need to injection mold equipped with well. Vertical injection molding factory tutor you good mold with 1) Mould requirement and high degree of finish, can control the products table and quality; 2) Reasonable mould opening internal pipe, to ensure temperature quick lifting; 3) Mold to manage the internal heat conduction function; 4) Good steel mold to selection, production process, the temperature to keep rapid mould; 5) Mould in use process pay attention to maintenance, to ensure dry, clean. Because people are constantly demand for quality, our silicone injection molding machine is a widespread application in the field of silicone injection molding machine has gradually become the essential one less injection molding field.
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