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The development trend of the vertical injection molding machine injection molding machine industry

by:Hisson     2020-09-08
With the rapid development of era, the huge development potential of China plastics processing industry, the rapid growth for the injection molding machine night provides a good space for development. At present in the plastic processing products, 83% used injection molding. Over the years since, as food, cars, medicine, building, household appliances industry injection products such as growing demand, promoting the level of development and improve the injection molding technology. Next by vertical injection molding machine manufacturer is introduced the development trend of injection molding machine for you. 1. Injection molding machine industry the development of the three stages for the first brand of enlightenment or bud stage. Field basic is dominated by the foreign brand, then more than domestic enterprises is given priority to with agent for foreign brands, domestic brands is basically blank. Some users come to & other; Recognized brand & throughout; , China national injection molding machine brand began to sprout and grow, but still only & other; Xiao-he only expenses furore & throughout; 。 The second stage brand throughout infancy &; , many enterprises begin to realize the importance of the brand, the brand consciousness, and began to investment promotion and set up its own brand. The third stage of injection & other airport began to enter Brand throughout accelerating stage &; 。 The presence of competition, low profile and no awareness of the brand, obviously has disadvantage, the input-output ratio of branding is very clear, it highlights the importance of brand wars. After the baptism of this stage, do not take the brand publicity is one of the few companies, but some companies because only no money, can only hope ACTS with brand. 2. Injection molding machine demand according to statistics, 2005 1 & ndash; — In April, 7 national molding machine production. 50000 ( Set) , an increase of 19. 05%. Expect 2010 & ndash; — In 2015, the Chinese plastic machinery output will reach 150000 & ndash; — 500000 units. The injection molding machine accounts for about 35%, 25% of extruder, hollow blow molding machine 5%, other 35%. In terms of export, injection molding machine 60. 4%, extrusion machine 6. 8%, hollow machine 11. 7%, and other 21. 1%; Export injection molding machine 74. 1%, extruder 8. 1%, 8 hollow machine. 0%, and other 17. 8%. As you can see, no matter from production, injection molding production, export and other aspects are ahead of other plastic products. Injection molding the rapid development of the airport, thanks to application in the field of development boom. 3. Development situation of the molding machine accessories 'from the injection molding machine, predictably, molding machine accessories. In the past, only pay attention to the investment of processing equipment, most of Chinese customers and the choose and buy relatively cheap auxiliary machinery and peripheral equipment. As car, mobile phones, electronic appliances, food and beverage packaging, the rapid development of plastic building materials field, to form a complete set of plastics processors in order to meet the demand for high quality plastic product terminal field, vertical injection molding machine manufacturers began to choose to cooperate with whole factory automation solution provider.
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