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The disc injection molding machine is how to work?

by:Hisson     2021-01-01
The disc injection molding machine is how to work? Common in our daily life there are many kinds of injection molding, including double color disc injection molding machine is one of common, today we have a good chat with all of you to double color disc injection molding machine, and see how the device is really a job! Disc injection molding machine about its system can be divided into injection system, the clamping system. Its injection quantity at about 2. 5~50 OZ( 74克~ 1400克) , injection speed closed-loop all can choose high precision in high speed injection system of injection speed is 300 ~ 1000 mm/s. Clamping force is generally between 35 to 500 tons. Working principle of disc injection molding machine and is very similar to the injection of an injection, it with the help of a screw ( Or plunger) The thrust, will has good plasticizing molten state ( The viscous flow state) Plastic, using the method of injection into a closed good cavity, after solidifying, finalize the design for injection molding process of the product. Injection molding is a process of circulation, each cycle include: quantitative feeding - The molten plasticizing - Pressure injection - Mold cooling - filling Rev pick-up. After take out the plastic mold closing, then for the next injection molding cycle. Disc injection molding machine main need us to manipulate their own project about three aspects: the manipulation of the keyboard, electrical control system and hydraulic system operation. They need for loading action, injection process, movement speed, injection pressure, injection, the ejection in the form of a selected work, and adjust the injection pressure, rear pressure stress and for cylinder within paragraphs temperature monitoring. Initiative is the need for the operator to view and operation. When one of these links appear a few small mistakes, may appear a few small flaws produced products. In our daily life and some of the more common injection molding machine, such as silica gel plug injection molding machine, injection molding machine, single and double skateboard injection molding machine, wire connector is special injection molding machine and so on. I not to introduce one by one, there is need to can log in our precision machinery company website for details
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