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The energy-saving reform of the injection molding machine injection molding machine of layout and foundation

by:Hisson     2020-12-01
Injection molding machine is in order to effectively operate machinery and improve production capacity, should provide a spacious, clean workshop and workshop. And injection molding machine design should consider when state and local government laws and regulations for environmental protection. Then, the energy-saving reform of the injection molding machine layout and is based on what? Then by the injection molding machine factory introduction for you. To prevent the pollution of the environment, the control of machine noise, reduce vibration machines and parts and reduce water pollution. Should choose in enclosed dust-free workshop and workshop design installation, can make the machine and injection molding products from contamination. Machinery and equipment arrangement should satisfy operation, convenient in mold repair and maintenance, general requirements around the machine with 1 ~ 1. 5 m of space, there should be 2 between two machines. 5 m spacing, mechanical dimension according to specific models. Injection molding machine installation foundation directly influences the normal operation of the machine installation tip and, at the same time affect the service life of the machine. Foundation should be solid, smooth even, make the machine work without vibration. General design machine placed on cement base foundation or solid on the cement floor, and installed on the machine the corresponding specification and quantity of shockproof rubber feet. The foundation anchor bolt can be used, wooden mat foundation, shockproof rubber feet methods such as supporting and connecting the injection molding machine. Injection molding machine anchor bolt, foundation bolt nut below can weld a 10 mm to 100 mm * 100 mm thick steel plate or with a bent and extended bolt nut break embed compacted cement sand slurry after waiting for cement dry can.
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