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The energy-saving technology of vertical injection molding machine of plastic injection machine

by:Hisson     2020-11-26
With the development of machinery industry rapidly, in vertical plastic injection product cost, the traditional vertical injection molding machine oil pump motor power consumption of the proportion of the total consumption is 80% ~ 90%, and in vertical injection molding products accounted for a considerable proportion in the cost. Energy conservation and environmental protection of vertical injection molding machine represents the development direction molding machine, who walk first one step, who will grab opportunities. It is to see this, more enterprises will product research and development of energy saving in important position. Then by the injection molding machine factory introduced the energy-saving technology of vertical injection molding machine for you. Vertical injection molding machine and energy saving technology, in fact, mainly includes three angles: energy-saving injection molding technology; Energy-saving of actuators; Energy saving power drive system, the main energy consumption of vertical injection molding machine is power drive system. Compared to the traditional drive mode of the current domestic, structure of three-phase permanent magnet servo motor to replace the three-phase ac asynchronous motor. Control method using fuzzy control method to complete servo motor with variable pump matching coordination control. Servo pump of vertical injection molding machine control system the total power loss is mainly composed of two parts: ( 1) Motor power losses, the partial loss mainly includes the motor copper loss, iron loss and mechanical damage. This part of the loss generally is inevitable, can only choose high performance of motor to reduce the loss. ( 2) The power loss of hydraulic system. Because adopt servo motor with variable pump control system. This part of the losses excluding the throttling loss with the overflow loss, and includes only because volume loss caused by leakage of hydraulic system and mechanical transmission losses. Thus this system the total power loss is very small, has a good energy saving effect.
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