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The five characteristics of injection molding machine factory of small vertical injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-11-11
Small five characteristics on the development of vertical injection molding machine is what? Here, for you to make a brief introduction of injection molding machine factory. 1, cavity and core is a multiple-layered surface. Plastic parts of external and internal shape is formed directly by the cavity and core, these complex multiple-layered surface processing difficulty is bigger, especially within the blind groove cavity forming surface processing, using traditional machining method, not only requires workers technical level is high, the auxiliary fixture, cutting tools, and processing cycle is long. 2, high precision and surface quality, long service life. The current general plastics for IT6 - dimensional accuracy requirements 7, the surface roughness Ra0. 2 - 0. 1μ M, the size of the corresponding small vertical injection molding machine parts precision IT5 - 6, the surface roughness Ra0. 1μ M here. Laser disc recording surface roughness to achieve mirror machining level of 0. 02 - 0. 01μ M which requires the mold surface roughness reaches 0. 01μ M here. Long life, small vertical injection molding machine it is necessary to improve efficiency and reduce cost, the small vertical injection molding machine more than 1 million times the service life of the general requirements. Precision injection mold with large formwork stiffness, increasing the thickness of the template, add or tapered bearing column A bit components in order to prevent the deformation after mold under pressure, sometimes internal pressure can reach 100 mpa. Ejection device is the important factors influencing the deformation and the dimensional accuracy, so you should select the most A good ejection points, so that the demoulding uniform everywhere. High precision small vertical injection molding machine in the structure of the majority of the framed structure of or whole put together, this requires the mold parts processing precision and interchangeability are greatly improved. 3, different design, different manufacture. Mould manufacturing is not the ultimate goal, but the users put forward eventually products design, mould making factory according to user requirements, design and manufacture of molds and in most cases, the products of injection production but also in other factory. Thus causing the product design, mold design and manufacturing and products of the production of long distance. 4, long process flow, production time is tight. For the injection molded parts, mostly to other parts of the complete product, and in many cases are in other parts has been completed, anxiously waiting for the matching of molded parts. Because the shape or size precision requirements for products is very high, and due to the different characteristics of the resin material, mould manufacturing is completed, also need to repeatedly test and correction, make the development and delivery of the goods time very nervous. 5, professional division of labor, the dynamic combination mold production batch is small, generally belong to single production, but the mould need a lot of standard parts, large formwork, small to thimble, these can't also cannot do, only by a single manufacturer and manufacturing process is complex, common equipment and CNC equipment use very unequal.
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