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The five senses in vertical injection molding machine fault inspection

by:Hisson     2020-08-08
The five senses in vertical plastic injection machine failure to check when the vertical injection molding machine in the daily production of a few small problems, we should how to check the vertical injection molding machine ( Including parts, components and circuit) 吗? Today we mechanical vertical injection molding machine manufacturers, to share a use their senses to check, the process of further observation. A look, and see which one? Mainly is to look at the plug and socket without exception, motor or pump operation is normal, the control to adjust position is correct, with or without striking or charred traces, the fuse is good or bad, the liquid leaks, lubricating oil such as the road was clear. The place have emerged, in the link there is a problem, in a timely manner to repair well. Two touch, with the hand to touch the vibration of vertical injection molding machine feel it, yuan ( Group) A heat, the temperature of the oil pipe, mechanical motion state. See if the abnormal situation. 3 listen, listen to the vertical injection molding machine in the operation process in the presence of abnormal sound, to solve out. Four smell, ask whether focal flavour, leakage and other peculiar smell smell. Understanding is the place have the high temperature in coke smell, etc. Five, shape and position of the workpiece have difference with normal time, injection molding machine performance parameters of the presence of change, circuit anomaly inspection, etc. Generally after checked the five senses, generally also came out, the problem of needs in a timely manner to deal with these problems, and to be able to make quick return to production of the vertical plastic injection machine.
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