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The import of vertical injection molding machine price quotation of injection molding machine factory

by:Hisson     2020-10-29
Now import vertical injection molding machine equipment prices have fallen substantially, investigate its reason is domestic equipment product has overtaken imports in terms of quality, better on the price at the same time, for the follow-up after-sales service is more dominant. Actually domestic machinery factory in the production of such equipment injection molding time before due to the technical strength is insufficient, it presents the quality must be bad, and price is lower. However, in recent years, domestic manufacturers constantly updated technology, introduce advanced technology and so on, will have done the best product quality, is not worse than imported equipment. But there are quite a number of manufacturers product has the international leading level, at the same time is more cost-effective than imported equipment and humanized service level. With the global economy integration process to speed up, but now technology transfer and research collaboration to form international pattern. Of vertical injection molding machine, of course, domestic equipment has been able to achieve the quality of imported equipment, whether in the humanized design, technical level, after-sales service and so on aspect is definitely better. So the price of imported equipment in falling, because after hard to keep up with at the same time, being abandoned by many customers. After all as if mechanical equipment failure didn't get timely treatment, is bound to affect production, all choose better after-sale service has become the first meet the conditions. As the saying goes: choose a rightness of, don't choose. Import of vertical injection molding machine accessories and partly domestic exports, put imports, as a result, resale home plus tariffs affirmation is to double the price. The tube is from price or from the Angle of the after-sales service, are a relatively wise choice domestic vertical injection molding machine. And in the domestic production of vertical injection molding machine brands, vertical injection molding machine full functions, high quality, is first selection.
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