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The importance of the injection molding machine clamping system of injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-12-07
As the industrial development trend is a macroscopic, injection molding machine manufacturers have also been to optimize the industrial structure, promote enterprise development concept. Because of The Times development, injection molding machine industry was not a bit lighter than the supply of other products, on the other hand, for the development of injection molding machine gradually keep up with the pace of The Times. In general, a lot of people for clamping system of injection molding machine is not very seriously, more people think for internal mechanical injection molding machine main no more problems won't appear what kind of problem, in fact, for the use of injection molding machine little detail is the most important the most prone to problems. The role of the clamping system is to ensure that mold closing, opening and ejection products. Closed at the same time, in the mold, the supply mould clamping force, enough to resist the molten plastic into the cavity, the cavity pressure produced by the prevent slotted mould, products of the bad situation. These are for general injection molding machine clamping system. Also is such a problem, a simple said is for the use of injection molding machine if clamping system problems that the injection molding machine can't use, even collapse phenomenon. So, for the injection molding machine clamping system is still a very obvious and not to be sneezed at. Whether it's horizontal injection molding machine or the use of vertical injection molding machine is the same reason. Injection molding machine manufacturer about mould system is an important link of cannot be ignored, once appear problem, will cause the injection molding machine completely strike.
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