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The importance of the plastic injection machine hydraulic parts of injection molding machine factory maintenance and insurance

by:Hisson     2020-11-07
Injection molding machine in the enterprise processing is an important equipment in the production process, so we should strengthen the corresponding part for maintenance work. The following injection molding machine factory to understand the importance of the plastic injection machine hydraulic parts maintenance and maintenance method. To ensure the normal order of the ningbo hydraulic parts of the injection molding machine, daily maintenance when need to pay attention to the temperature of the hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil quality. If there are not enough quantity of hydraulic oil, the oil temperature will rise, the impurities in the air will enter the body oil, affects the quality of the oil, will affect the normal work of the hydraulic system. So in order to avoid the lack of oil, the staff daily work often should check the fuel tank is in good condition, if there is any leak phenomenon, for the oil tank to complement in time enough. Seal sealing is not good, should be timely replacement. Of work to control the hydraulic oil temperature, average temperature in 45 to 50 degrees is the normal range, beyond the temperature range, will break the seal rapid aging, etc. When temperature is too low will make the job of process energy consumption increased, and reduces the amount of work that ningbo plastic injection machine speed. So if you want to maintain good injection molding machine, it is important to ensure that oil well or cooling system to work normally. Staff must check the degree of oxidation of hydraulic oil, can be judged from the color depth, if the color is too deep should be timely to replace oil, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the hydraulic system, will lead to a series of serious problems. Above is for injection molding machine factory share the importance of the plastic injection machine hydraulic part of the maintenance and the corresponding maintenance method, we should pay much attention to this part of the maintenance work.
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