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The influencing factors of vertical injection molding machine injection molding

by:Hisson     2020-12-21
Plastic products are common in our life, many plastics are composed of vertical injection molding machine injection molding, in the process of injection molding, the influence factors of forming have? Such as time, such as temperature, injection molding machine factory machinery and to introduce you. About the above said is refers to the temperature of mould temperature and the heating temperature of materials. Temperature is an essential part of molding of a link, if the temperature of the mold is lower, because heat conduction heat loss also will be more and more quickly, when the temperature of the solution is reduced, liquidity becomes poor, and plastic molding is not so good, so the temperature of the mold for injection molding machine injection molding is very important. For injection molding, the time of the control is also a big part. If the injection time is too long, easy to make poor products miss the best time in injection molding; Time is too short, the raw material not full of the mould, will affect the quality of the products. For vertical injection molding machine for injection molding, technical personnel need to master skill, strictly controls the good quality, improve quality forming rate.
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