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The injection molding machine injection molding machine downtime after operation specification

by:Hisson     2020-12-03
In the process of production of injection molding machine possible failure or at the end of the production, injection molding machine downtime, temporary downtime in stopping points and long downtime. How we should do a good job in downtime is not only related to the quality of the next forming and the wastage of raw material, the most important will also affect the service life of the screw and cylinder. Then by injection molding machine manufacturer for you about the injection molding machine stop after operation specification of relevant knowledge. Temporary stop just before molding finished before or temporary stop, the cylinder finish class material air-launched, add the right amount of cleaning material cylinder to clean clean, according to the heating switch, close the cylinder electric heating. Close the hopper plate. If the downtime is temporary for short periods of time, don't close the cylinder heating, the heating temperature of every section reduced from 100 to 150 degrees. Power outage ( Long downtime) When the materials exhausted or the required number of products was finished, must turn off the power outage. If the injection molding machine is equipped with the nozzle temperature control with temperature regulator, turn the regulator button to zero, the regulator disconnect. This is not only for the next injection operation can heat in the shortest possible time feeding tube. Is to prevent the resin has melted the stranded within the cylinder, heating cylinder body of the remaining material should be completely removed, The air injection several times) , then add the right amount of cleaning material cylinder to clean clean, finally will stop screw in the front position. Finally, injection molding machine manufacturer to remind everyone in manual state, must carry out clamping ( But don't come into the high voltage clamping) , and will be taking, screw returned to the stop position. Close the oil pump motor, total attention to molding machine power supply.
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