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The injection molding machine injection molding machine screw is what

by:Hisson     2020-12-14
The application of plastic products related to our life, injection molding and extruding forming at present is the most economical and most plastics processing field processing mode to save energy. Then by the injection molding machine factory to explain to you what is the injection molding machine screw. Injection molding machine screw is the most important key components, for different plastics have their physical characteristics, makes the design of the injection molding machine screw is not the same. To the design of the injection molding machine screw, past empirical commonly, however, high cost and can not solve the problem, so the injection molding machine screw on the design of some of the detail is worth discussion and analysis. Injection molding machine screw profile: solid plastic raw materials from the feed hopper into screw screw groove ( 螺旋通道) , and melt due to high-speed rotating screw barrel ( 桶) Produce shear effect, mixing and plastic raw materials along the screw thread trough conveyor, made of solid plastic raw material by the melt lateral electric leaf under the effects of the shear heat heating and screw, make plastic tube internal heating and melting into molten posture. Injection molding machine screw according to its function can be divided into four areas: 1, the solid conveying zone ( 固体输送区) This segment is coupled with the feeding funnel, plastic solids be tightly compressed to form solid bed ( 固体床) , plastic tube by the shear effect, in addition to make plastic temperature gradually raised, and carry on plastic. 2, delayed melting area ( 融化的延迟) This section for solid conveying zone the finish to the melt pool ( 熔化池) Forming area before, the main features in the solid bed and melt cone surface will form consists of plastic film layer, melt in the thin film layer by plastic tube (viscous force 拖曳力) Forward screw screw groove, the area at the end of the formation pressure is very big enough to make the solid bed deformation, but the accumulation in the screw screw groove form melting pool. 3, solid fusion area ( 熔化区) This section for melting the finish to the plastic melt completely stop delay area, the area can be divided into two parts to discuss again, one for the plasticizing ( pastication) And the plasticizing mainly comes from the plastic tube shear effect, another is melt conveying ( 熔体输送) , will melt conveying to the melt pool. 4, the melt conveying zone ( 熔体输送区) When all the plastic melt completely, begin to enter this section and end in the end of the injection molding machine screw, maintain stability of the melt temperature and flow of the molten plastic.
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