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The injection molding machine maintenance and maintenance method

by:Hisson     2020-10-15
By injection molding machine manufacturer here today for you to share the injection molding machine maintenance and maintenance method of relevant content, I hope it can help you. 1, check the storage condition of the hydraulic oil is enough, when should be added in time, often should clean oil. 2, lubrication points in accordance with the provisions, regular lubrication, cleaning oil filter on a regular basis. Keep the machine around clean, must not make dirt into the tank. After 3, the use of the machine should be on the dirt rub-up, smooth surfaces should be greased and electrical parts 4, regular check, remove dirt, oil, dust, keep the electrical contact clean, often clear the dirt and dust on the joint. In injection molding machine for injection molding machine maintenance work, has accumulated rich experience of common problems.
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