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The innovation of the vertical injection molding machine transformation

by:Hisson     2020-07-26
At present domestic field, vertical injection molding machine due to the high energy consumption, also is the top in the whole industry to a few, and the present situation of society for environmental protection, energy saving against the development of late, so every city field has its own energy efficiency standards, but to do our best to promote the vertical injection molding machine enterprises turned to have a way out, high energy consumption, the only transformation can have a way out, otherwise will fall behind. Energy saving is just a power transition of vertical injection molding machine business, also can't because of this, more terrible is outdated technology, no progress only to immediate interests to give up the development of the future, for such an enterprise, what can we say, only a little effect to promote, otherwise is not money for energy saving. Research and development, innovation is the transformation of the future, only through continuous research and development, innovation, to create first-class vertical injection molding machine type and function, in order to survive in the competition of the future holds, but the research and development, innovation is often just a slogan of various enterprises, really can have several vertical injection molding machine enterprises, can be a lot of commitment to product research and development, to innovation, loathe to give up, where there will be a harvest, when the out of place, only regret, also do not have what use.
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