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The integration of injection molding machine horizontal injection molding machine manufacturing technology

by:Hisson     2020-12-15
Because our country after decades of development, manufacture in the field of industrial manufacturing is already not the processing mode of production. What is that today's production mode? Next along with injection molding machine factory to know. More and more manufacturers through the transformation, realize the qualitative change, especially in mechanical injection molding machine, the industry is from the horizontal injection molding machine of previously purchased abroad to own production and manufacturing, now, through research and development, innovation, produce their own integration of horizontal injection molding machine, through three steps leaps, the injection molding machine manufacturing technology has reached the first-class level of advanced countries. Actually refers to the integration of plastic manufacturing technology in mould into previously prepared material, and then inject plastic resin, the molten material, after waiting for curing this forming method is called 'make integration products, especially the use of the insulation resin and the combination of the way of the metal electrical, made of FRP products can satisfy the basic function of electrical products. For rigid, moulded rubber seal on the plate bending elasticity, moulded by substrate made after integration products, injection molding can save seal sha-lu complex operation, after making process automation combination more easily. Although the injection molding machine manufacturers through its own efforts to struggle, finally has accumulated rich manufacturing plastic manufacturing technology, but still need to learn from foreign advanced enterprises, through continuous learning communication can also achieve the world first-class on management level, until this moment, we have horizontal injection molding machine go abroad is not far off.
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