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The operation of injection molding machine factory

by:Hisson     2020-11-11
Injection molding machine injection molding, injection molding machine factory discuss the matters needing attention. Power has been the industry in China, including plastic industry has been one of the rapid development of the industry in China, many plastic products production has lead to be worthy of the name plastic superpower. Plastic production is dependent on the injection molding machine, then what are the precautions for the injection molding machine? A, 1 the main points of the boot operation. Must close a door in the process of operation, and always want to close the control box and the power box, to prevent dust and impurities into the box; 2. Don't remove the plastic tube of the shielding to prevent burns and leakage, check don't stand on the plastic tube protective; 3. Machine at run time, to ensure the hopper installation is in order, raw materials; 4. Is strictly prohibited in the open mould and shoot no exit, with manual injection, otherwise set the template set screw is likely to damage or broken die off; Are not allowed to use manual control shot front into, otherwise there will be the top may fall off; 5. Forbidden fails to reach the set temperature of electric heating temperature operating injection or plastic action, otherwise it will cause the screw or tubing damage; Electric heating temperature by two lights to indicate on the temperature controller, temperature, red light, stop heating; Temperature is less than, the green light to continue heating; 6. After using pyrolysis or high viscosity of the raw materials, to clean the machine, using PE and PP plastic material, choose low pressure low speed operation, clean to prevent rubber splash out hurt; 7. Forbidden hand cleaning nozzle rubber, screw after the temperature rise to, do not allow the hands and face close to the nozzle, even not started injection, the pressure of the cylinder is also can make plastic material from the nozzle jet hurt; 8. For longer machine down time, must be out of shot, playing within the cylinder of extremely hot melt glue, otherwise prone to break glue or front, mould and easily damaged. Should be followed in the second, stop operation steps to stop operation or emergency stop, press the red stop button, will control the power off, all the heating part is not affected, the heating switch directly controlled heating. If you only stop the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump stop button. Injection molding machine in the plastic industry to make essential, want to make good plastic need according to the rules of operation.
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