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The purpose of the injection molding machine

by:Hisson     2020-10-16
Injection molding machine can have a molding complex, the size is accurate or plastic with metal insert of fine and close texture, is widely used in national defense, electrical, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture and education of health and People's Daily life. Today with the rapid development of plastic industry, injection molding machine both in quantity and variety on occupies an important position, the total number of production accounted for 20% of the whole plastic molding equipment - - - - - - - 30% to become the fastest growing in the current plastic machinery, one of the largest number of models in production. According to the statistics, 1996 - - - - - - - China's export of injection molding machine 8383 units, 1998 ( Set) , import injection molding machine 42959 units ( Set) , of which 1998 years China has reached 20000 sets of injection molding machine production, its sales accounted for 42 of machines in total sales. 9%. China manufacturer of injection molding machine is more, according to incomplete statistics, which has more than 2000. The structure of injection molding machine has two kinds of vertical and horizontal. According to the produce of the products can be divided into regular and precise injection molding machine. Industry development of injection molding machine manipulator was part of the can imitate human body upper limb function, can automatically control the products or running tools according to the predetermined requirement for the operation of automated production equipment. South China, east China coastal areas of China plastics processing plant to the manipulator show more and more interest, but the prevalence rate of injection molding machine manipulator in the domestic plastic machinery, less than 10%. Manipulator can ensure the consistency of service cycle, improve quality, and more secure. With the agile development of plastic processing industry in our country, the automation of injection molding equipment is becoming more and more high. Modern injection molding machine equipped with manipulator, often in order to improve manufacturing efficiency. The number of China's export and import injection molding machine flat, 1. Around 50000 units, but imports to 9. 200 million dollars, exports to 3. 500 million dollars. Precision injection molding machine mainly foreign brands, two-way stretch PET of extrusion equipment, film machine, precision medical catheter extrusion unit, has also been a foreign territory. Developed with independent intellectual property rights of domestic precision injection molding and extrusion equipment is very necessary, on the one hand, can replace imported, can also make our country a place on the international high-end plastics machinery field. Traditional plastic machinery also has certain potential in energy saving, the design of the reason is that in the past often only focus on single machine production capacity. In the design of energy-saving plastic machinery, production speed is not the most important indicators, is the most important indicator of process energy consumption of unit weight products. Must, therefore, the equipment of mechanical structure, control mode, and operating process conditions for the optimization design based on the minimum energy consumption. With saving energy and reducing consumption rise for the national strategy, injection molding machine and energy saving problem has been widely concerned. Conventional injection molding machine in the field of energy saving for motor with frequency converter and servo motor two more mature, the servo motor is more and more widely accepted. Servo energy-saving series injection molding machine, equipped with high-performance servo dynamic variable speed control system, in the process of injection molding pressure on different traffic, make different frequency output, and closed loop control of pressure flow accurately, realize servo motor for injection molding machine high speed response and the best match of energy demand and adjust automatically. 1, the excellent performance of the servo controller, servo motor energy saving devices, etc. 7, the entire line running with low noise, than the traditional injection molding machine to be markedly reduced.
In the past few decades, 5 gallon blow molding machine production has increased because of the use of Product.
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