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The safety relay function of injection molding machine circuit

by:Hisson     2020-04-04
Injection molding machine, as a kind of high voltage, mechanical movement, the hydraulic system of high speed, safety protection work must not be careless. Injection molding machine set safety circuit to achieve the following requirements: A: when emergency stop remove, machine can't suddenly start again; B: one thousand machine safety circuit failure ', can stop the machine power supply. C safety circuit failure ', the machine can't start again. Injection molding machine circuit applications, is often used to a relay, we call it for safety relay. Plays the role of the security protection in circuit, the main aim is to protect the security of the machine operator. Role in the application from the intermediate relay and time relay. Safety relay is common in injection molding machine to peel magnetic pilz pNOZx2. 8 p safety relay. When the machine is short circuit or wire skin damage caused by the grounding potential, must prevent so suddenly start caused by machine. In the injection molding machine, for the convenience of safety circuit composition, combining safety relays, and other components to form a complete set, the basic emergency stop circuit, the safety gate safety circuit module. This type of relay can meet grating two OssD signals. 1. 1 pick urgent stop switch ten manually reset. 1. 2 pick grating ten manually reset. A1, A2 is 24 v dc power supply. ; s21,s22; S11, the indirect speed 12 urgent stop switch is normally closed contacts. Speed 12 and s34 of indirect reset button. If you don't need to manually reset, hope automatic reset, sub speed 12 with s34. It normally open contacts, each channel capacity maximum 6 amps, 150 watts. Pilz safety relay is made up by multiple relays and circuit, abnormal defects of complementary to each other, to correct and low misoperation of relay is fully functional, make it less mistakes and failure coefficient value, the higher the safety factor. It in the event of a failure made the action of regular and have forced guide contact structure. One thousand contact welding phenomenon occurs can ensure safety. This relay is different with other. PNOZx2. 8 p safety relay panel has three LED display light, respectively is pOwER; CH1; CH2。 Every time after electrical safety relay pOwER indicator light will be bright. If not light, check the power of the safety relay wiring is correct? Power supply is normal? If all is right, that is safety relay internal power supply has a problem, to replace the safety relays. CH1 and CH2 represent the safety relay output back to the way the two columns of normally open contacts. Pilz safety relay by the iron core, coil and armature, contact spring leaf, etc. As long as the voltage on both ends of the coil with a certain, coil current will flow through a certain case, thus produce electromagnetic effect. Armature is under the action of the electromagnetic attraction to overcome the spring force to the absorption of iron core and the armature of labor moving contact and the static contact us. When, after losing electricity coil electromagnetic suction also disappear, armature will return to in situ reaction in spring. The moving contact with the original static contact us. So suck close, release, so as to achieve the purpose of conduction in the circuit on or off. Relay coil is not energized the static contact in the off state, known as' normally open contacts. In the contact state of static contact is referred to as the 'normally closed contacts.
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