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The silicone injection molding machine and its main features

by:Hisson     2020-10-03
Silicone injection molding machine, is a solid silicon rubber injection machine series products based on the traditional model, in accordance with the need to carry on the processing of silicone rubber products, the processing characteristics of each detail is optimized, divided into vertical and Angle type two kinds of injection molding machine. Below we vertical injection molding machine manufacturer and you simple introduction about the main characteristics of the silicone injection molding machine. 1. LSR materials suitable for high temperature or low temperature environment, use at 200 ℃ in either high or low to - 40 ℃, the insulation of the material properties, mechanical properties and physical properties remain unchanged. 2. Gasification and aging resistance, so used in outdoor applications. 3. Excellent insulation properties, suitable for high quality or high technical electronic plug. 4. Can disinfect, suitable for medical supplies and baby products. 5. Oil resistance, used in oil industry. The above is the vertical injection molding machine manufacturer summary about the main characteristics of the silicone injection molding machine.
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